Norø is a Danish jewellery brand, which challenges and refines the use of natural materials.

Our design philosophy is based on a symbiosis between precious metals and organic materials. Rooted in the timelessness and simplicity of Scandinavian design traditions, the jewellery is characterized by clean, crisp and contemporary lines.

Our vision is to create high quality jewellery without compromising the elegance or functionality of each piece of jewellery.

The debut collection is strongly inspired by the spectacular ambience in the untamed and desolated scenery around the Danish shores, and the designs are characterized by a profound sense of thoroughness and quality.



The jewellery from our Scenery Collection is made from 925 sterling silver and sustainable European walnut. Each piece of walnut is reused 'left over' pieces from a toy production.

The jewellery from our Nordic Collection is made from 925 sterling silver and 18 karat rose gold plated sterling silver in a combination with Vietnamese buffalo horn. Buffalo horn is an eco friendly and organic material. Buffalos are very important for Vietnamese farmers, and the horn we use for our jewellery is a natural byproduct. 

Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted under fair working conditions, and our designer carefully selects the natural materials to ensure a unique expression in each piece of jewellery.